How should I discuss my experiences like Eisenhower Institute programs, Garthwait Leadership programs, or other clubs/organizations?

When you discuss these types of programs, be sure you are discussing YOUR accomplishments and AVOID describing the organization/program.


Eisenhower Institute – Program Assistant, Inside Politics

  • Coordinated and oversaw meetings, events, and travel logistics to Washington, D.C. for fifteen student participants.
  • Led a 4-person communications team in advertising EI’s distinctive programs to the campus community, which resulted in a 30% increase in student applications.

Eisenhower Institute – Participant, Inside Politics & Women in Leadership

  • Developed professional relationships with industry experts through networking events and leadership discussions.
  • Presented research on the First Ladies in Society and Presidential Elections to an audience of 50 .


Leadership Certificate, Garthwait Leadership Center

  • Participated in 50+ hours of specialized training and weekly leadership discussions.
  • Identified a practical leadership experience on campus, established goals, and created and executed an action plan that utilized leadership skills culminating in a research presentation to over 100 students, faculty, and staff. (NOTE: this would need to be made specific to each student based on their chosen experience and relevant skills)
  • Established a positive, ongoing relationship with a leadership coach through monthly meetings
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