Name/Contact Info

  • Your name should be in bold and in a larger font size than the rest of the document as it should be the first thing that stands out on the resume.
  • Include only 1 address – usually, this is your home address (employers will see you are a current student when they look at your Education section). However, it is becoming acceptable not to list an address at all – talk with a career advisor to determine if this is the right choice for your situation.
  • Include your cell phone number and primary email address, but do not label them as such (Ex., Cell: 555-555-1234). Employers know what they are, and you don’t need to waste space with the label.
  • Do not include multiple phone numbers or email addresses. Select only your respective primary contact phone and email.
    • PRO TIP: Now’s the time to change your voicemail message – make it professional and identify yourself – and potentially set up a separate email account for job search purposes.
  • Include the personalized link to your “claimed” LinkedIn profile URL, if applicable.